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We are no longer selling the HCG diet drops. However, we will be adding another diet product as soon as we test it and feel with a surety that it works.

Hands To Heaven, Inc.

X-Factor Revolution Vitamins

This diet takes at least a 23 day commitment. If you are unwilling to commit to the diet for this long, then this diet isn't for you. Also, BEFORE you start, don't forget to measure yourself - your thighs, hips, waist, bust, arms. You WILL drop many inches. Some people drop more than 20 inches (you add the inches up - i.e 3 from the waist, 2 from the thighs, 2 from the bust, 1 from each arm, etc) in just the first 2 weeks. Even when there is only a 5-10 pound weight loss, you can still lose the inches. This is because you are losing FAT, and FAT weighs less than muscle. You are not going to lose muscle on this diet, like you would on many other traditional diets.

Also, due to time constraints, if you have any questions please contact Beth via email at  as she will not be able to do phone calls. Beth is a homeopath and natural healer, and has scheduled appointments with her clients throughout the day. Email is the best way to reach her.

Other notes: You DO need to follow the instructions provided. Some of the most common questions can be answered in the instructions. Yes, you do need to take a potassium supplement or a glass of V-8 juice every day. Yes, you do need to pig out and eat a lot of fatty foods the first two days of the diet. This starts the fat metabolism process. Yes, you need to measure and weigh every day. Yes, you will see results. Yes, men can do this diet. They also can eat a little bit more than women can on it. If you do mess up by eating a little bit larger meal than you intended, that should be fine. It won’t ruin your diet. Just be careful with the sugars/carbs and the fats.

The diet summary is this:

  • 2 days of pigging out and taking the HcG
  • 18 days of restricted eating while taking the HcG
  • 3 days of restricted eating AFTER finishing the HcG (this is the first step to the maintenance phase)
  • 21 days of “watching what you eat” – The maintenance phase. This consists of eating regularly but watching the carbs and sugars and fats. This is the period where your weight stabilizes. You will most likely continue to lose inches and pounds during this stage. However, don’t eat carbs and sugars at the same time (if you eat bread or pasta for dinner, skip the dessert, and don’t eat BOTH bread and pasta in the same meal). This is just for 3 weeks.
  • After this allotted time you can eat whatever you want as long as you follow the maintenance phase and weigh yourself every day







"I'm a fifty eight year old proud Mother of a Los Angeles Firefighter. At this time in my life I find it difficult to lose weight with diet and exercise. I've fought this problem for at least a decade and nothing worked until I found HCG. I've now lost 35 lbs and haven't felt this energetic or happy in years. My weight loss is not just for my appearance, but I have lost several family members and friends due to complications of diabetes. I did not want to join that list. I'm so happy that you offer the homeopathic version of HCG as I have an aversion to needles. Words can't describe how high my self esteem is now...Thank you so much!!!"

-Pam M.



I started the diet at 162 lbs and a size 9 jeans. After my 1st 20 days on the HCG and WeightAid I lost 12 pounds and 23 1/2 inches! Now I am in a size 4! I can't believe how well and how fast this works! And, you will feel so good!

Also, my 18 year old daughter lost 7 lbs and 17 1/2 inches in her 20 days. She is down 3-4 sizes in jeans.”



“I have been struggling to lose the last 15 pounds I wanted to lose to reach my goal weight. I tried all the latest fads plus exercise and nutrition but nothing worked! In the first 10 days on this diet I was able to lose 9 pounds and am well on my way to my goal. Thanks Hands To Heaven!”

-Becky H.


Just wanted to give you an update. I finished the HcG bottle earlier this week; it lasted 21 days. I'm still taking the Weight Aid twice daily. I've lost 10 lbs so far. I was size 14 pants & am size 10 pants now. I was 1X-2X top & am size 14 top now. My bra band size went from 38" to 34". What I'm most excited (& relieved about) is that my blood pressure dropped approx. 60 points on the top & approx. 20 points on the bottom (yes, it was dangerously high). I was somewhat hungry in the mornings until I had my first fruit & then not hungry the rest of the day. However, the food cravings for butter, cheese, & creamy sauces was always there & quite strong at times, even though I used foot detox patches every night. Thanks so much for offering this homeopathic version of HcG!”



I wanted to let you know this very cool side effect from the HGG diet. I have one week left of Maintenance and so far, so good. I am staying within my 2lbs and doing a Steak Day here and there to make sure it stays.

For about 6 to 7 years, I have had excess underarm perspiration. I have been using Prescription strength deodorant for a couple years and it has not helped a lot. I was wearing layers and jackets at work to hide the noticeable wetness on my shirts and always felt embarrassed in public when I would have wetness start appearing. I was diagnosed with a Thyroid disorder a year and a half ago that was causing this along with fatigue and noticeable sluggishness, but the medication did not help so I have been living with it.

I did the HCG diet for 27 days, lost 22lbs AND my perspiration problem is Gone!!! I don’t have to apply deodorant multiple times a day, I have no wetness at all under my arms, and I am not Pitting out my shirts, even Tshirts.
This diet seems to have reset my thyroid, I have more energy, I actually want to get outside and exercise, I don’t feel the sluggishness which felt like a real weight in my body anymore.

Thank you for making this product available!

I would like to order some more Weight Aid to keep taking if that is possible, just let me know how much it is and I can pay it online right away.


Rachel K.
Roseville, MN


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